Nails Inc “Phillimore Gardens” & Barry M “Rose Quartz Glitter”

I don’t know where to begin with today’s post.  Never before has a nail polish inspired me so much – to take it off my nails as soon as possible and throw the bottle in the bin!  I really hate this polish so much.

The culprit?  “Phillimore Gardens” by Nails Inc

2013-02-010It might look nice and innocent but would you believe this is three coats and it’s still possible to see my nails!   I simply refused to apply a fourth coat of this polish and decided to try and cover it with “Rose Quartz Glitter” from Barry M.

2013-02-011 Rose Quartz is from the new range of jewel glitter topcoats by Barry M.  It has a clear base which is infused with pink and holographic particles of varying size and shape.  These holographic particles made it impossible to capture the true colour of this top coat with my camera.  It is much more pink in reality.  I really like Rose Quartz and it has made Phillimore Gardens almost acceptable.

Overall, I’m shocked at the low quality of this polish from Nails Inc. I know it’s supposed to be a bit sheer but not to the extent this is!  I’ve had to apply so many layers that it’s not going to be very durable. I will definitely be sticking to my RCM “Camera Shy” when I want a pale/nude polish in the future. Now excuse me while I reach for my polish remover! 😉