Leighton Denny “Razzmatazz”

I have a week off work and so will endeavour to catch up with the backlog of polishes waiting to be reviewed.

Here’s the first… “Razzmataz” from Leighton Denny

2013-02-006This is a purple glitter with the most amazingly bright red specks running through it.  It did take three coats to get the coverage I would normally expect from this type of polish but the drying time was extremely fast so it didn’t try my patience too much lol.  The finish was disappointingly dull before I added a generous amount of Leighton Denny Crystal Finish top coat (I also used Leighton Denny Undercover base coat).  I can’t believe how smooth this polish is for one with such a glittery appearance.

Overrall, it’s a good polish and I absolutely love the vibrancy of the red against the dark purple but I still prefer Butter London’s “Lovely Jubbly” 😀