OPI “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

This is my second polish from the Skyfall Collection by OPI.

“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” is described as a misty green pewter colour.  If you remember, I wasn’t very impressed with my last polish from this collection “Casino Royale” but I’m going to have to eat my words now lol.  I really like this colour.  It’s a beautiful shade of pewter with a hint of a very classy green, only visible in certain lighting conditions.  The consistency is a little thin and I had to apply three coats to get a decent coverage but it dried quite fast so that’s not a big problem.  I’ve used it here with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” definitely gets a thumbs up from me, it’s one of my favourite metallic colours ever!


OPI “Casino Royale”

This is my first polsh from the OPI Holiday 2012 Skyfall Collection.

I was instantly drawn to “Casino Royale”

Here I’ve applied two coats of Casino Royale along with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go.  This is a gorgeous deep plum creme colour which applied perfectly.

I’ve got to admit that this colour isn’t very original so you probably have something similar in your stash already.  The rest of the Skyfall collection isn’t any more inspiring in my honest opinion and I can feel myself growing bored of OPI.  This is such a shame, as their Germany collection was such a hit with me.   I still love their formula but I think other brands such as Leighton Denny and Nails Inc are just as hardwearing and offer much more fashion conscious colours and textures.

Come on OPI, you need to try much harder to please this polish addict!  Sorry 😦

Color Club “Metamorphosis”

“Metamorphosis” is from the Take Wing Collection by Color Club for Summer 2012

I know it’s a little bit late to be wearing a summer colour but I just didn’t get around to wearing it until now.

Metamorphosis is a beautiful teal blue with lots of shift between green and blue depending on the light source.

The application of this polish is foolproof as the consistancy and drying time are excellent. Here I’ve used Metamorphosis with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.  The durability is amazing with this polish especially considering the low price point of Color Club.

This is another stunner from Color Club!  I love this type of colour and this one really got me lots of lovely compliments which is always nice 😀

Butter London “Dodgy Barnett”

Today I’ve tried another polish from Butter London’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

This is “Dodgy Barnett”

According to Butter London this is “a highly holographic lacquer in a classic shade that blurs the line between grey and silver.”

As you can see, this polish has lots of depth and interest. It’s certainly much nicer on the nail than in the bottle.  I found myself just staring at it for ages!  Here I’ve used three thin coats of Dodgy Barnett along with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.

I really like this polish, it’s a very versatile colour that wouldn’t be out of place anywhere.  Having said that “Lovely Jubbly” is still my favourite from this Butter London collection 😀

OPI “Don’t Talk Bach To Me”

“Don’t Talk Bach To Me” is from the Germany Collection by OPI for Autumn 2012.

This is a very unusual colour which is described as a lime yellow.

This colour was one of the first I went for in the Germany Collection but I still can’t make up my mind about it in the flesh.  It applies really evenly and dries quickly.  Here I’ve used it with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.   The problem I have with this polish is that I don’t really think that it suits my skintone.  One minute I like it and then I hate it lol.  What do you think?

Butter London “Gobsmacked”

Gobsmacked is from the Butter London Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

This is a heavily pigmented charcoal grey, glitter nail lacquer with a slightly textured finish.  I love the silver micro particles in this polish, its a very sophisticated glitter.

Gobsmacked applies really evenly by itself which is unusual for a glitter polish. Here I have used two coats of it with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.

The ease of application and durability of this polish along with the gorgeous grey colour make it one of my favourites from the latest collection from Butter London 😀

Zoya “Song” and Nails Inc “Royal Arcade”

Yesterday I applied Zoya “Song” which is from the Diva Collection for Autumn 2012

This is a gorgeous, shimmering, true blue.  The formula is a bit thick so one coat covered really well but I added another one anyway.  Here I’ve used it with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.

Then today I had an idea… why not add Nails Inc “Royal Arcade”….

Now, I think you’ll agree.  These polishes were made for each other!  I really like this combination, it’s just perfect for a night out 😀