Red Carpet Manicure Gel Starter Kit

Recently I was faced with a life changing dilemma.  Friends and followers of this blog will probably have guessed by now that I absolutely love my nail polish and like to change my colours to suit my mood/wardrobe.  Before Christmas I started a new job, one that I really love but the problem was my nail polish addiction and blog began to get very neglected.
I decided that drastic measures needed to be taken in order to resume a normal yin/yang balance in my tiny universe 😉 …..and this is it ….the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Starter Kit!

recm0068f_1_mNow, I have to be honest here and admit that I didn’t really expect this kit to be any good but I really needed some nail colour that would face the challenge of drying extremely fast and being almost bullet proof.

The Red Carpet Gel Kit provides everything you need to do your own professional gel manicure at home at a fraction of the price.  I followed the instuctions to the letter and was happily surprised with the result.  This is my nails three days after my first attempt with the kit.  This colour is called “Red Carpet Reddy”.

2013-01-008The thing that impresses me the most about this system (apart from the ease of application) is the amazing glossy shine of the polish.  There is a slight wear to the tips of my nails but to be frank I have really tested this beyond the limits of any polish out there and I’m surprised there’s anything left worth taking a photo of on my nails lol.

In conclusion, I have found the answer to my dilemma.  I love this kit and would recommend it to all – just make sure you read the instructions carefully before applying.   Also, don’t over do the buffing and make sure you apply cuticle oil regularly and you should have no problems.

My new dilemma?  What colours to buy next! 😀


Nails Inc “Elystan Street”

First of all, I need to apologize for my month absence from Blogland.  This has been due to working lots of hours and not having much time left to paint my nails.  That and the poor light conditions has made it almost impossible to keep up with all the amazing polishes I have ready to review.

Anyway, here’s the first of many that I hope to catch up with over the next few weeks.

This is “Elystan Street” from Nails Inc.

2012-12-020This is a gorgeous full coverage red and silver glitter.  Here I’ve used two thin coats along with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.  Drying time with this polish was extremely fast.  Elystan Street is exclusive to QVC UK where it is available to buy as a set of 7 polishes for a ridiculously low price (item 202810)

Leighton Denny “Femme Fatale”

“Femme Fatale” is another polish from my much loved Dramatic Collection by Leighton Denny.

Described on Leighton’s Signature Site as “a rich, mossy eye-catching green, infused with the rich jewel tones – its decadent, ravishing and drop-dead gorgeous.”

Here I’ve applied two thin coats of the colour along with Leighton Denny’s Undercover base coat and Crystal Finish top coat.

This was another colour that I just had to have as soon as I saw it and it does not disappoint.  The finish is extremely glossy.   To me, this is the most perfect shade of green ever!  Add to that the amazing Leighton Denny formula and this is probably one of my favourite polishes of the year.

OPI “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

This is my second polish from the Skyfall Collection by OPI.

“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” is described as a misty green pewter colour.  If you remember, I wasn’t very impressed with my last polish from this collection “Casino Royale” but I’m going to have to eat my words now lol.  I really like this colour.  It’s a beautiful shade of pewter with a hint of a very classy green, only visible in certain lighting conditions.  The consistency is a little thin and I had to apply three coats to get a decent coverage but it dried quite fast so that’s not a big problem.  I’ve used it here with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” definitely gets a thumbs up from me, it’s one of my favourite metallic colours ever!

Leighton Denny “Temptress”

“Temptress” is another stunner from the aptly named Dramatic Collection from Leighton Denny for Autumn/Winter 2012.

As you can see, this polish would not be out of place in my much loved Nail Inc Sprinkles range.  That made it an absolute “must have” for me lol.

Described on Leighton’s Signature Site as “a seductive twist on the classic rouge noir – a vampish, irresistible dark brown with added show-stopping tones of cerise and ruby glitter.”  A very good description, I would say.

Here I’ve used two coats of “Temptress” along with Leighton Denny’s Undercover base coat and Crystal Finish top coat.  As with the Sprinkles range, this polish has a glossy,  creme base that’s infused with tiny glitter particles.  This makes the finish both smooth and easy to remove.

I think that this latest collection from Leighton Denny is by far my favourite of the season.  The colours and finishes are just perfect for my winter wardrobe and I can’t wait to try more 😀

Nails Inc “Disco Lane”

Disco Lane is a black holographic polish.  It’s not a glitter polish.  It’s a black creme infused with micro holographic particles.  This is just a perfect match for all the black/silver fashion that is in the shops this season.

As always, I’ve used two coats of the colour along with Nails Inc Kensingtion Caviar base and top coats.

I applied Disco Lane last week.  I found it to be extremely durable, it withstood everything I threw at it and had very little sign of wear after four days.

There have been a lot of polishes similar to this released recently but with Nails Inc formula Disco Lane definitely stands out from the crowd.  I’m not sure if this is exclusive to QVC UK as I can’t find it anywhere else.

Leighton Denny “Starlet”

“Starlet” is another amazing polish from the Leighton Denny Dramatic Collection A/W 2012.

Described on Leighton’s Signature Site as “a subtle antique gold with a touch of sparkle thats playful, sexy and seductive.”

This is one of those polishes that is exactly what you see in the botte.  It applies beautifully.  Here I’ve used two thin coats along with Leighton Denny Undercover base coat and Crystal Finish top coat. It dried extremely fast and was good to go in record time.

I wasn’t quite sure if this polish was “me” until I tried it and now I love it.  It is elegant and showstopping whilst not being at all garish – just perfect! 😀