Nails Inc “Phillimore Gardens” & Barry M “Rose Quartz Glitter”

I don’t know where to begin with today’s post.  Never before has a nail polish inspired me so much – to take it off my nails as soon as possible and throw the bottle in the bin!  I really hate this polish so much.

The culprit?  “Phillimore Gardens” by Nails Inc

2013-02-010It might look nice and innocent but would you believe this is three coats and it’s still possible to see my nails!   I simply refused to apply a fourth coat of this polish and decided to try and cover it with “Rose Quartz Glitter” from Barry M.

2013-02-011 Rose Quartz is from the new range of jewel glitter topcoats by Barry M.  It has a clear base which is infused with pink and holographic particles of varying size and shape.  These holographic particles made it impossible to capture the true colour of this top coat with my camera.  It is much more pink in reality.  I really like Rose Quartz and it has made Phillimore Gardens almost acceptable.

Overall, I’m shocked at the low quality of this polish from Nails Inc. I know it’s supposed to be a bit sheer but not to the extent this is!  I’ve had to apply so many layers that it’s not going to be very durable. I will definitely be sticking to my RCM “Camera Shy” when I want a pale/nude polish in the future. Now excuse me while I reach for my polish remover! 😉


Nails Inc “Providence Crescent” and “Newburgh Street” graffiti

I’ve used two of my favourite polishes together today to create a look that I really like.

This is Nails Inc “Providence Crescent”

2013-02-007Providence Crescent is a  beautifully dark, rich chocolate brown.  This is two coats along with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.  The formula of this polish is just perfect.  It covered perfectly with one coat but I added another anyway.

Then I added “Newburgh Street” by Nails Inc from their Graffiti range:

2013-02-008This graffiti top coat looks like a mixture of gold and copper gilding flakes in a clear base and I really love it!  The two polishes are amazing together and I think “Newburgh Street” is versatile enough to be used to create many other stunning looks.  I know I will be using this one again very soon 😀


Red Carpet Manicure “Midnight Affair”

I was so impressed with my Red Carpet Manicure Gel starter kit that I just had to try another colour.

This is “Midnight Affair”

2013-01-017This photo was taken two days after application.

I’ve been looking for a perfect deep, dark blue for ages.  The problem with normal polishes of this colour is that they tend to stain your nails/fingers terribly when you try to remove them – this does not happen with gel polishes

I really am a convert to gel polishes now thanks to Red Carpet Manicure.  I can’t believe how easy they are to apply and remove.  My first attempt with the kit lasted 10 days before I simply got bored of the colour.  I intend to try a top coat over “Midnight Affair” in a few days so I shouldn’t get bored as quickly 😀

update – 21/1/13

Here’s Midnight Affair with Nails Inc “Burlington Arcade” over the top.

20130121_143713This is a stunning combination of polishes that were just made for each other 😀

Nails Inc “Elystan Street”

First of all, I need to apologize for my month absence from Blogland.  This has been due to working lots of hours and not having much time left to paint my nails.  That and the poor light conditions has made it almost impossible to keep up with all the amazing polishes I have ready to review.

Anyway, here’s the first of many that I hope to catch up with over the next few weeks.

This is “Elystan Street” from Nails Inc.

2012-12-020This is a gorgeous full coverage red and silver glitter.  Here I’ve used two thin coats along with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.  Drying time with this polish was extremely fast.  Elystan Street is exclusive to QVC UK where it is available to buy as a set of 7 polishes for a ridiculously low price (item 202810)

Nails Inc “Disco Lane”

Disco Lane is a black holographic polish.  It’s not a glitter polish.  It’s a black creme infused with micro holographic particles.  This is just a perfect match for all the black/silver fashion that is in the shops this season.

As always, I’ve used two coats of the colour along with Nails Inc Kensingtion Caviar base and top coats.

I applied Disco Lane last week.  I found it to be extremely durable, it withstood everything I threw at it and had very little sign of wear after four days.

There have been a lot of polishes similar to this released recently but with Nails Inc formula Disco Lane definitely stands out from the crowd.  I’m not sure if this is exclusive to QVC UK as I can’t find it anywhere else.

Nails Inc “Baker’s Row”

Now if you’ve read my earlier posts, you will know that I absolutely love all the weird and wonderful textures that Nails Inc invent, especially the Sprinkles range.  I was delighted to find out that they had come up with some darker Sprinkles – just perfect for the winter months.

This is Bakers Row:

Here I’ve applied two coats of the polish along with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.

This is a gorgeous dark green base that’s just packed full of green and silver particles.   The texture is slightly rough and bumpy due to the particles. Bakers Row was a bit difficult to apply as it is so thick and it seemed to just eat up all the top coat, which didn’t help lol.  On the plus side – this polish, like all other Nails Inc Sprinkles, dries really fast and is extremely durable.

I’m not sure if this polish is exclusive to QVC UK as I’ve not seen it available anywhere else yet.  If you do manage to get hold of this one, you won’t be disappointed.  I personally think it would be just perfect for (dare I say it this early?) …Christmas 😀

Nails Inc “Camden Lock” Graffiti over “Floral Street”

I’m so excited to have received Nails Inc new Graffiti polishes today.  I couldn’t wait to try them.  Here is my first “Camden Lock”

This is a rainbow of different textures and colours in a clear base.  It is recommended to be worn over Floral Street which is exactly what I’ve done here.  This is two coats of Floral Street along with two thin coats of Camden Lock Graffiti and Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.

I absolutely love this effect!  I just can’t get over all the new and wonderful ideas that come from Nails Inc but I’m not complaining.  The Graffiti range is limited edition, so if you like them you’d better move fast!  Watch this space for more Graffiti from Nails Inc very soon 😀