How to remove glitter polish

I thought I’d just do a quick post to advise you how to remove full cover glitter polishes such as Nails Inc Chelsea Square.

These polishes are very hard wearing and as such can be very difficult to remove.

I recommend that you use a cheap emery board to buff the polish especially if you have applied more than one layer.  Soak a cotton wool ball/pad in acetone free polish remover and hold it on the nail for a minute or so before gently rubbing the polish off.

This can be a long, labourious task but necessary if you want the stunning effect of a full coverage glitter. You have to take the rough with the smooth 🙂


How to open a very stubborn bottle

Here we have a very humble elastic band

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

Would you believe that this is one thing I consider essential alongside my polish collection.  Why?  If you ever have a bottle that just refuses to open just wrap an ordinary elastic band around the lid and try again.

It’s miraculous!  It’s never failed yet and one elastic band fits every bottle in existance. 🙂

Nails Inc Storage Solution

Today I thought I’d share my recent idea for storing my Nails Inc polishes. Those of you that collect these polishes will understand the problem caused when storing them.  The colour is impossible to see when the bottles are just placed in a box or drawer.  Some people write the name of the polish on the lid or dab a splash of the colour onto it.

I really didn’t like any of those ideas and came up with this idea quite by chance.

This is a plastic storage box designed to hold 12″x12″ scrapbook paper.  It cost £3.50 from my local craft shop.  The box will hold up to 55 bottles of Nails Inc polish bottles and can be stored upright, in the dark to keep the polishes fresh.

The box comes with a lid which I’ve secured with a piece of elastic that was purchased from a haberdashery shop for 16p.

I’m really pleased that I’ve finally found a perfect storage solution for my Nails Inc polishes and all for a grand sum of £3.66! 😀