Nails Inc “Providence Crescent” and “Newburgh Street” graffiti

I’ve used two of my favourite polishes together today to create a look that I really like.

This is Nails Inc “Providence Crescent”

2013-02-007Providence Crescent is a  beautifully dark, rich chocolate brown.  This is two coats along with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.  The formula of this polish is just perfect.  It covered perfectly with one coat but I added another anyway.

Then I added “Newburgh Street” by Nails Inc from their Graffiti range:

2013-02-008This graffiti top coat looks like a mixture of gold and copper gilding flakes in a clear base and I really love it!  The two polishes are amazing together and I think “Newburgh Street” is versatile enough to be used to create many other stunning looks.  I know I will be using this one again very soon 😀



2 thoughts on “Nails Inc “Providence Crescent” and “Newburgh Street” graffiti

  1. Newburgh Street is possibly one of my absolute favourite polishes. It looks gorgeous over a mocha colour if you have one (I used Sally Hansen Mocha as my base for it and it was one of those manis that just made me smile every time I looked at it). Having seen this, I will definitely be trying it over a dark brown when my nubbins grow out.

  2. I agree, Newburgh Street is one of my favourites too! My intention was to use it over a paler tone but I couldn’t resist trying it over Providence Crescent and was very happy with the result 😀

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