Red Carpet Manicure “Midnight Affair”

I was so impressed with my Red Carpet Manicure Gel starter kit that I just had to try another colour.

This is “Midnight Affair”

2013-01-017This photo was taken two days after application.

I’ve been looking for a perfect deep, dark blue for ages.  The problem with normal polishes of this colour is that they tend to stain your nails/fingers terribly when you try to remove them – this does not happen with gel polishes

I really am a convert to gel polishes now thanks to Red Carpet Manicure.  I can’t believe how easy they are to apply and remove.  My first attempt with the kit lasted 10 days before I simply got bored of the colour.  I intend to try a top coat over “Midnight Affair” in a few days so I shouldn’t get bored as quickly 😀

update – 21/1/13

Here’s Midnight Affair with Nails Inc “Burlington Arcade” over the top.

20130121_143713This is a stunning combination of polishes that were just made for each other 😀


2 thoughts on “Red Carpet Manicure “Midnight Affair”

  1. Okay so for Xmas I was organizing on inquiring for it it’d kinda costly so I was thinking if you have it do you think its well worth it? Also with the starter set how a lot of instances would you say you could do your nails right before you have to have to purchase more bottles? like how several manicures can you do before you need additional polishes

    • Hi,
      I think you would get around 10 manicures easily out of each polish and more out of the other products in the kit. Compared with the price of the average manicure in a salon (£25), I would say it’s very good value for money. The products are available to buy individually directly from RCM with free postage so you would save even more money in the long run as you already have the lamp 😀

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