Leighton Denny “Forbidden Territory”

I recently purchased a very good value kit from QVC UK containing lots of Leighton Denny goodies including nail treatments and polishes.  I have to admit I was only really interested in the treatment products and didn’t pay much attention to the nail polish colours.  That was until I actually saw them!  You can check it out for yourself here Leighton Denny Cause A Scene Collection 

This is “Forbidden Territory”

Described on Leighton Denny’s Signature Site as “A dark, rich brown with warm bronze tones and a touch of metallic shimmer”.  A very accurate description as you can see.

The formula of this polish is perfect, as are all that I’ve tried from any of Leighton’s ranges.  The consistancy is very rich and deeply pigmented and applies evenly with no effort.  Here I’ve applied two thin coats of “Forbidden Territory” along with Leighton Denny’s Undercover base coat and Crystal Finish top coat.

I’m extremely happy with this polish.  I can’t fault it in any way, especially when I consider what a bargain it was! 😉

You can find a review of another polish from this collection “Leading Lady” here


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