Butter London “Lovely Jubbly”

Are you ready for one of the most spectacular nail polishes to be released this season?

Here is “Lovely Jubbly” from Butter London’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.

This is a vibrant magenta nail polish flecked with red, blue and gold micro-particles.

“Lovely Jubbly” is very similar in texture to the Nails Inc 3D polishes (which I happen to love) but the particles are much smaller, this means that the Butter London polish is slightly smoother.  It applies beautifully.  This is two coats along with Essie First Base and Essie Good To Go base and top coats.

Here’s a close up

As with all full glitter polishes, this will cover a multitude of sins such as ridged or flaky nails and so on.  It dries very quickly and is extremely hard wearing.  The downside to this being that it is a little bit more difficult to remove.   To remove this or any other glitter polish – place a cotton ball soaked in polish remover onto your nail and wrap it in kitchen foil for about 10 minutes – the polish will then come off very easily.

I am seriously impressed with this polish from Butter London 😀


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