Leighton Denny “Maroon Me Knot”

Whilst looking through my blog posts yesterday I realised something shocking – I have, to date, reviewed only one nail polish by Leighton Denny!!  I can’t believe this as it is one of my favourite polish ranges.  I will endeavour to put this right starting with Maroon Me Knot.

This is a new neon colour for this year and has a matte finish.  If you’re not used to a matte finish it is a very strange phenomenon.  It looks like an ordinary gloss polish when applied but then dries (extremely quickly) and turns into a matte finish before your eyes.  Don’t worry this is perfectly normal for any neon polish, it has something to do with the chemical make up and pigment (sorry, I’m not a scientist lol)

This is Maroon Me Knot with Leighton Denny Under Cover base coat before top coat

I’ve then applied Leighton Denny Crystal Finish top coat and this is what happens…

As you can see, it is now a stunningly glossy nail polish!  I really love this colour.  I am going to buy a matte finish top coat (I have ordered Essie Matte About You) as I quite like the matte finish and that way I’ll have two polishes for the price of one 😀


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