OPI “Black Spotted” over Nails Inc “Old Park Lane”

I”ve just applied Nails Inc Old Park Lane.  This is a gorgeous, metallic rose gold colour.  The consistancy of this polish is very rich and it applies beautifully. Here it is over Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base coat.

Now I have some exciting news – I’ve managed to get hold of OPI’s elusive Black Spotted!  This is a special effect top coat which as you would imagine creates a random spotted pattern over any colour polish.  The knack to applying Black Spotted is to get all the excess off your brush before adding a very thin coat to your nails.  I’ve applied this over Old Park Lane and this is what happens –

This has one coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat over it.
I really like this effect.  I can imagine that this bottle of Black Spotted will last a very long time seeing as you use very little of the product to acheive this look.  On the other hand, I will be trying it over practically everything from now on!  Maybe I do need a back up bottle.

If, like me, you’ve been eager to get your hands on Black Spotted, check out my first blog giveaway.  Both of these gorgeous polishes are up for grabs and you have until 9th September to enter the draw.  Click here for full details.


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