Nails Inc “Sweets Way”

This Nails Inc polish is from the new Sprinkles range recently launched here in the UK.

Sweets Way is such a summery colour!  It has a white base that is packed full of pink, white and blue sprinkles.  This polish definitely needs two coats to give full impact.  I’ve used it with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.  I’ve found that these polishes dry extremely quickly and are very hard wearing – just perfect for those summer days out!

I really like the effect of these all in one polishes.  It looks like you’ve spent ages applying colour and glittery top coat, when in fact, it’s probably one of the fastest and simplest finishes to create.   These polishes are quite easy to remove considering their durability, so that’s another point in their favour.

If you also love these Sprinkle polishes, check out my review for Nails Inc Pudding Lane.

I will be reviewing the other two polishes in the Sprinkles collection, Topping Lane and Sugar House Lane, in the near future. 😀


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