Nails Inc “Sloane Gardens”

I’ve been asked to swatch Nails Inc “Sloane Gardens”.  This is a new polish which is also available in the QVC tsv tomorrow along with “Warwick Street” and “Pudding Lane”.  There are seven amazing polishes in the kit and it really is one not to be missed!

Sloane Gardens is a dark blue full glitter polish.  This is two quite thick coats along with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coats.  This is like a Teflon coating on your nails but much prettier!  I applied this yesterday evening and had to cook dinner almost immediately.  I was seriously expecting to make a mess of my nails but this polish withstood everything I threw at it lol!  On the other hand this does mean that this will probably be extremely difficult to remove but we can’t have everything.

I would definitely recommend Sloane Gardens for an unexpected evening out.  It’s elegant and would go with almost any outfit.  It’s fast drying time and durability mean you could be out of the door in no time and no worries of ruining your polish when reaching into your bag for car keys etc.

This polish and an amazing six others from Nails Inc will be available to buy from QVC UK as their tsv launching tonight at midnight.  I can thoroughly recommend all of the ones I’ve tried and at under £30 for the entire kit, I’m beginning to regret only buying one!


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