Nails Inc Storage Solution

Today I thought I’d share my recent idea for storing my Nails Inc polishes. Those of you that collect these polishes will understand the problem caused when storing them.  The colour is impossible to see when the bottles are just placed in a box or drawer.  Some people write the name of the polish on the lid or dab a splash of the colour onto it.

I really didn’t like any of those ideas and came up with this idea quite by chance.

This is a plastic storage box designed to hold 12″x12″ scrapbook paper.  It cost £3.50 from my local craft shop.  The box will hold up to 55 bottles of Nails Inc polish bottles and can be stored upright, in the dark to keep the polishes fresh.

The box comes with a lid which I’ve secured with a piece of elastic that was purchased from a haberdashery shop for 16p.

I’m really pleased that I’ve finally found a perfect storage solution for my Nails Inc polishes and all for a grand sum of £3.66! 😀


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