Nails Inc “Colville Mews”

Just a quick post today.

As I’d just removed a very beautiful, striking colour from my nails and am planning an even more dramatic one in the next few days….I thought I’d go for something very sedate today.

This is Colville Mews-

I’ve used Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coat with two coats of the colour.

This is such a wearable, everyday colour and just perfect for job interviews and such occasions.  In fact, I love this colour so much, I have a back up bottle! 😉


Essie “Too Too Hot”

This is exactly what it says on the tin lol!  This colour just shouts out “summer”.  It’s a beautiful, vibrant light red with an orange undertone.  I’ve got to say trying to capture the true colour on camera was a bit difficult but I think I’ve managed to do it justice.

I always like to use the same make of products together where possible so I’ve used Essie “First Base” base coat and Essie “Good to Go” top coat along with two coats of Too Too Hot.  This polish is a delight to apply as the consistancy is just right.

This Essie colour and more are available to buy from Cosmetic Fairy which is now the retail site of Cosmetic Kingdom.  The prices are amazingly low and with free p&p on orders over £10 I know I’ll be back for more colours 😀

Nails Inc “Park Lane”

Here we have another very glittery polish from Nails Inc.  This is a gorgeous mid purple that is just packed full of sparkle!

This type of polish is extremely easy to apply and very forgiving.  It will cover up any imperfections in your nails.  I’ve used Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base and top coat and two coats of Park Lane.  As always with glitters, leave quite a bit of time between layers and don’t forget it will be more difficult to remove than a normal polish.

I really love this polish, probably because it is very similar to my favourite Chelsea Square.

I’m definitely going to look for more like this. 😀

Sinful Colors “Star Fish”

Today I’m reviewing Sinful Colors Star Fish.

I actually tried this polish out several weeks ago and was extremely impressed with it. I used it with Essie “First Base” base coat and Essie “Good to Go” top coat. It lasted 6 days without any signs of wear or chips!   It’s a gorgeous medium, creamy shade of pink.  All Sinful Color polishes are a generous 15ml.

I hope the rest of the Sinful Colors range is as long wearing and easy to apply as Star Fish… this space for more reviews of them in the future 😉

I usually add a glittery top coat to my polish, especially if it’s lasting longer than I expected and I’m beginning to get bored.  So I thought I’d show you Star Fish with a few different top coats.

This is Twinkle from E.L.F.  Radiant by Revlon and Black Polka Dot from Nubar.

How to remove glitter polish

I thought I’d just do a quick post to advise you how to remove full cover glitter polishes such as Nails Inc Chelsea Square.

These polishes are very hard wearing and as such can be very difficult to remove.

I recommend that you use a cheap emery board to buff the polish especially if you have applied more than one layer.  Soak a cotton wool ball/pad in acetone free polish remover and hold it on the nail for a minute or so before gently rubbing the polish off.

This can be a long, labourious task but necessary if you want the stunning effect of a full coverage glitter. You have to take the rough with the smooth 🙂

Leighton Denny “Supermodel”

This month’s copy of Harpers Bazaar comes with a choice of three polishes from Leighton Denny.  I managed to get hold of the magazine today along with the iconic “Supermodel” which is a full size 12ml.

This is two coats of the colour.  I’ve used Leighton Denny Under Cover base coat and Crystal Finish top coat.

This is a gorgeous neutral colour, which would go with just about anything.  I can understand why it’s become one of Leighton Denny’s best selling polishes.

How to open a very stubborn bottle

Here we have a very humble elastic band

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

Would you believe that this is one thing I consider essential alongside my polish collection.  Why?  If you ever have a bottle that just refuses to open just wrap an ordinary elastic band around the lid and try again.

It’s miraculous!  It’s never failed yet and one elastic band fits every bottle in existance. 🙂