Nails Inc Holland Park & Marylebone

Today I’ve used Nails Inc Holland Park & Marylebone, both are from the Special Effects kit available at QVC UK.

Holland Park is a vibrant neon purple that dries matte but goes very glossy with a coat of Kensington top coat over the top.

I added Marylebone to my ring finger.  This is a beautiful pink glitter that I’m sure would look good on it’s own but I couldn’t wait to try it.  This is two coats of Holland Park and one of Marylebone.


3 thoughts on “Nails Inc Holland Park & Marylebone

  1. I was so looking forward to trying Holland Park but I wasn’t impressed with it! No matter how many layers I applied it kept looking blotchy and uneven. Did you have any problems with it? x

      • Hmmm I must have got one of the dodgy ones then! I might treat myself to a new bottle at some point and give it another chance to impress me 🙂 x

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